Therapy & Relaxation

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The choice of Wasa treatments contains different kinds of massage and baths, therapies that alleviate muscular tensions, saunas and the salt chamber. The location of Wasa in a picturesque place at the seaside provides ample opportunities to stay outdoors. Health conscious lifestyle is the cornerstone of welfare. Caring attentiveness to yourself and those close to you gives an opportunity to avoid the state of being overburdened due to stressful life and to prevent any possible heart conditions.

Do get acquainted with our selection of therapies and relaxation treatments and choose the ones that suit you best.
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For years Wasa has been known as a resort therapy institution specializing in rehabilitation and prevention of diseases. In the centre, the main components of the therapy services conducive to recuperation are aquatic therapies, various forms of motion therapy and massage with relaxation. We prepare a treatment plan for each client individually, taking into consideration the character and stage of the disease and the physical stress capacity of the patient. If necessary, it is possible to carry out supplementary examinations on the spot.

Our main focus is treatment of chronic joint diseases and diseases of peripheral nervous system, prevention of their becoming more acute and acceleration of the healing process. For that purpose we offer paraffin-earth wax treatment, various aquatic therapies, medical gymnastics, manual massage and different forms of physiotherapy.

As far as treatment of diseases is concerned, it is relevant that courses would last for for 2-3 weeks and take place regularly at least once a year.

Prevention of diseases is becoming more and more important. For that purpose we offer a holiday and relaxing treatments, an opportunity to have the state of your health checked: determine the cholesterol levels in your blood,  have your blood pressure measured, analyze the risk factors of the already existing diseases together with a physician, discuss the ways of their removal or reduction.