We offer you a variety of individual relaxation treatments as well as combinations of programs.
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We reccommend to book all treatments before hand.

SPA Marine treatments

Red wine treatment
Mixture made of wine and oil extract from red grapes is an excellent way to relieve stress, rejuvenate skin and improve its elasticity. The treatment is as relaxing and pleasant as drinking wine, but does not give any per mills. Red grapes are renowned for their powerful effect against free radicals.
The treatment starts with body-peeling, followed by massage with an aromatic mixture. The treatment ends with cleansing the skin under shower. Light massage gives the finishing touch and tiredness is forgotten. Wine therapy helps to retain youthfulness and elasticity of skin, adding radiance, strength and tonicity and prevents premature ageing.

Coffee wrap 
The luxurious coffee wrap produced directly from coffee beans has an elevating influence both on skin and soul. The procedure affords you an emotionally unforgettable experience! Coffee wrap is suitable for everybody who wants to undergo a special spa experience and to relax pleasantly. Due to the fat-burning effect of caffeine the coffee wrap acts as a slimming treatment, and it is also modelling and trimming and prevents premature ageing of skin.  We recommend coffee wrap for women who want to forestall the signs of passing age on their skin or to model problematic body areas. It is ideal after liposuction, childbirth or a slimming diet.

Pearl treatment
A true luxury for your body and face. Since ancient times the pearls have been appreciated not only as precious stones but also for their quality as a “life catalyst”. Pearls have been used for ages in the Chinese traditional medicine, due to the valuable minerals, proteins and amino-acids which are also contained in the pearl powder used in the pearl treatment.  Pearl treatment combines a special facial treatment with a pleasant body treatment which offers intense moisturising for the skin, increases its tonicity and strength and improves oxygen supply to the skin. The procedure removes toxins, increases softness and elasticity of skin, as well as adorns the skin with a pearly hue.

Treatment for tired legs
Treatment for tired, tingling and swollen feet that cramp at night. It improves blood circulation, prevents retaining of excess fluids and gives a miraculous feeling of lightness to feet.  Treatment is effective and at the same time enjoyably relaxing, including wrapping of feet with active ingredients and a pampering massage.  Relieves the unpleasant feeling of tired swollen feet, removes toxins and improves the microcirculation of blood. Ensures instant and long term effect. Treatment covers the full length of legs.

Cleopatra’s milk bath
Natural milk in the form of silky froth pampers the skin with unbelievable tenderness. Milk proteins and sea collagen moisturise and nourish skin and combined with a pleasantly faint aroma of cinnamon it fills your senses with calmness and satisfaction. Milk froth restores the harmony of body, mind and soul, unveiling the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty. The treatment also relieves stress and moisturises and nourishes skin with additional nutrients.

Red wine bath
Red wine bath contains extracts of various red grapes and polyphenols contained in the grape seed oil. Treatment moisturises and tightens skin, has an impact against ageing and free radicals. It relaxes and relieves stress and restores softness and radiance of skin.

THALASPA treatments

Algae treatment  
Effective body treatment to trim your body to make your favourite dress fit perfectly. The treatment improves skin texture and shrinks the perimeters…
This cleansing  treatment starts with a lightly scrubing peel and massage to stimulate blood circulation. A mari
Efektiivne ümbermõõtude vähendamiseks loodud hoolitsus on mõeldud naistele, kes tunnevad, et lemmikriided on viimasel ajal kitsaks jäänud. Hoolitsus parandab märgatavalt naha välimust ning kahandab kontuure. Puhastav ning vereringet ergutav hoolitsus algab massaažiga, milleks kasutatakse pehmet ning jääkaineid väljutavat koorijat. Seejärel kantakse nahale mereline mask, mis muudab selle elastseks. Hoolitsus lõpeb niisutava sidrunikreemi pealekandmisega.