Story of Wasa


Pärnu, with its white sandy beach and warm shallow water, is one of the best places in Estonia where to spend your holiday. That is why the city became a health resort. At the beginning of the 19th century, bathing in the sea as a health remedy started to be practiced, later, curative sea and bog mud was discovered in the vicinity. After the Republic of Estonia was founded, the resort was developed intensively and several boarding houses and villas were built for summer visitors. So, Villa Vasa, which is part of the Wasa Hotel today,  was built for Swedes arriving by boat. The historic architecture and a beautifully designed garden of the dignified building, which has been known as a sanatorium for cardiac patients since 1938, make the stay here very special.



Since 2013 the house is re-named  Health Centre & Hotel Wasa (previosly “Sõprus”).
Celebrating this year its 75. anniversary , this dignified health and accommodation establishment was founded in 1938 according to the project of well-known architect  Aleksander Nürnberg. Its style is simple, yet recognizably functionalistic and classy.

The origin of the name comes from a ship with the same name that sailed under “Pärnu Laeva AS” ship company and used to, back at the 1930′s  bring Swedish tourists to enjoy their holiday in Pärnu.