Health Centre and Hotel Wasa in the beach area of Pärnu is a diverse hospitality and health institution with dignified traditions.

On one side of the building, which is located amidst green boulevards, there is the sea, in the other direction, just a short walk away, there is the beautiful city centre of Pärnu. The diverse opportunities of supportive rehabilitation of Wasa, therapies that are conducive to healing and relaxation treatments are bound into a compact whole by cozy accommodation and a superb location. The small complex feels homely and comfortable, the hotel has 21 rooms for accommodation (sleeps up to 41 people) in the unique building – Vasa.

Pärnu, with its white sandy beach and warm shallow water, is one of the best places in Estonia where to spend your holiday. That is why the city became a health resort. At the beginning of the 19th century, bathing in the sea as a health remedy started to be practiced, later, curative sea and bog mud was discovered in the vicinity. After the Republic of Estonia was founded, the resort was developed intensively and several boarding houses and villas were built for summer visitors. So, Villa Wasa, which is part of the Wasa Hotel today,  was built for Swedes arriving by boat. The historic architecture and a beautifully designed garden of the dignified building, which has been known as a sanatorium for cardiac patients since 1938, make the stay here very special.


We welcome you in the cozy and diverse Wasa!